oCelloScope™ is an automatic imaging system, that provides high-resolution images of liquid samples. The system integrates three key technologies; a unique proprietary scanning technology (FluidScope™), powerful image analysis software and precision mechanical engineering.

Image acquisition with oCelloScope™ is very fast, and it facilitates high-throughput testing of multiple liquid samples in standard microtiter plates.

How oCelloScope™ Works

For particles in suspension, or particles sedimented to a monolayer at the bottom of the microtiter well, the oCelloScope™ acquires a sequence of 6.25°-tilted images along the horizontal plane to form an image Z-stack generated by the build in algorithms.

The Z-stack contains the best-focus image, as well as the adjacent out-of-focus images (which contain progressively more out-of-focus cells, the further the distance from the best-focus position).

All the acquired images are saved and used for data analysis. Both the tilted images and the best-focus Z-stack layer can be analysed by the image analysis algorithms.

For time-lapse studies, the acquisition process is repeated over time, and the time-lapse sequence of best-focus images is used to generate a video. It is also possible to analyse the time-lapse video with our image analysis algorithms, to provide information about the changes over time.

oCelloScope™ Technical Specifications

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