ParticleTech Solution is a fast and cost-effective tool for process monitoring of industrial particles. A non-invasive technology, that can be used at any stage of the production to provide early and accurate information of the process, as well as a tool for investigating the final product.

Our main focus areas are crystallization and flocculation processes, but our solution is highly versatile and can be used for many different kinds of particles.

The ParticleTech Solution is a modular concept, that consist of four main elements:

Sample Preparation Unit: Station for preparing the sample for image acquisition. The unit can be set to maintain the same conditions of the sample, as in the unit operation (e.g. crystallizer, fermenter etc.).

Flow Cell: Automatic transfer of the sample for image acquisition with oCelloScope™. The flow cell is controlled by the Sample Preparation Unit.

oCelloScope™Easy-to-use automated microscope, that produces high-resolution images and facilitates high-throughput testing.

Dedicated Software: The software is used to control the image acquisition by oCelloScope™. Advanced segmentation algorithms are imbedded for image analysis, while a reporting module will analyse and display results as specified by the customer.

The Sample Preparation Unit and the Flow Cell take the technology to the production floor.

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