ParticleTech Products

Product 1: ParticleTech Solution

oCelloScope, ParticleTech Sample Unit, ParticleTech Software and Computer.

Product 2: ParticleTech Solution Basic including Sugar Analyser

oCelloScope, ParticleTech Software and Computer.

Read more about the Sugar Analyser

How can you benefit ?

  • Size, size distribution and shape of particles
  • Get statistically representative analysis results right away at the production floor
  • Avoid time-consuming and delayed lab-tests
  • Measure at different parts and production processes (fermentation, crystallization, etc)
  • Get the information fast and potentially change the process real-time or optimize your production recipe for next batch
  • Achieve higher yield plus lower production costs and lower energy consumption.


oCelloScope takes high quality images using the tilted FluidScope technology for scanning through the volume of sample suspensions. The tilted technology draws advantage of delivering 3D information of the scanned volume. The plane where most particles are represented and in focus is delivered as the Best Focus Image. Moreover, 3D results are possible in a fast and easy way.

ParticleTech Software​

User-friendly, operator-friendly and flexible software for fast and accurate measurements of images delivered by oCelloScope. High volume of sample can be measured for statistically representative results.  

ParticleTech Sample Unit

In production, you may want to follow a batch over time. This can be done at-line by taking a sample from the tank at specific time intervals for continuous at-line measurements. Take a sample from the production tank and place your sample cup in the Sample Unit with dilution ready. Press “start” in the software and you may leave the Sample Unit as it handles the rest.

Stirrers will ensure gentle and thorough mixing of the sample. Sample and dilution liquid are pumped into the same tube where they are mixed according to the dilution ratio needed. The diluted sample is pumped into the flow cell where sample settles, and scanning starts for measurements.

Included in ParticleTech Sample Unit:

  • Main box with two cup holders and two pumps
  • Two stirrers
  • Flow Cells & Flow Cell Adapter
  • Set of tubes

Dry Samples, Titer Plates and more

Dry powder can be measured by dispersion on a standard microscope slide. Apply the slide to our slide adapter and insert the dry sample to oCelloScope:

Disperse dry powder in a wet environment or apply your wet sample to a titer plate. Standard titer plates of 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells are compatible to oCelloScope:

Other solutions with e.g. closed chambers for even concentration distribution are also available.

In constant development

ParticleTech is in constant development towards continuous and automatic measurements of particles in production processes.

Feel free to contact us and we can find a good solution for measuring your product. 

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