ParticleTech Analyser

What do you get?

  • Real-time analysis output in production during the processes
  • React immediately and change processes to optimize
  • Avoid time-consuming and delaying lab-tests
  • Measure different production processes with same technology

How can you benefit?

  • Higher product quality
  • Maximum yield
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduce batch loss

ParticleTech Analyser

ParticleTech innovative solution for real-time process optimization is a combination of ParticleTech Sample Unit and the advanced 3D scanning technology in the oCelloScope instrument. ParticleTech Solution is placed right at the tank, reactor or vacuum pan.

The operator takes out a sample, place the sample cup in the ParticleTech Sample Unit, presses ‘start’ and the operator can leave the instrument until next sample is required.

When the measurement job is started the software controls the sample stirring, the pumps, the flow rate and the cleaning of flow cell after job done. The scanning takes 10-15 seconds and image analysis 1-2 minutes.

This will give monitoring and control systems data to base a real-time will receive data base a decision for optimization in the production on.


oCelloScope takes high quality images using the tilted FluidScope technology for scanning through the volume of sample suspensions. The tilted technology draws advantage of delivering 3D information of the scanned volume. The plane where most particles are represented and in focus is delivered as the Best Focus Image. Moreover, 3D results are possible in a fast and easy way.

ParticleTech Sample Unit

  • The innovative ParticleTech Sample Unit consists of:
  • Two cup holders and two pumps. Specific customer sample cups will be fitting. Second cup is for dilution liquid, if dilution is needed to achieve right particle concentration
  • Two stirrers designed to create a homogeneous sample without harming the particles
  • Two pumps to flow the liquid into the flow cell
  • Automatic valves closing the tubes to ensure that sample liquid is lying still in the flow cell for the 10-15 seconds scanning. The valves open again for next flow
  • Flow cell with different dimensions
  • Flow cell adapter
  • Silicone tubes

Two important reasons for using a flow system:

  1. No sample preparation – just put the sample cup in the unit and press start
  2. Particles in suspension lie undisturbed and in homogenous distribution in the flow cell.

ParticleTech Software​

ParticleTech Software is developed for our customers and with our customers. The result is a highly user-friendly solution that allows for a simple user-approach based on a huge base of feature options and possibilities.

Our customers are busy production operators and we make sure that the optimized pre-set templates provides on step: Press start.

ParticleTech Software is used world-wide and user-interface is available in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish.

The ParticleTech flow system includes pumps, stirrer, flow rates, cleansing program for flow cells, etc., and all the features are automatically controlled by the software.

A reporting tool to analyse results of a whole day or batch is provided and it is now possible to follow the batch or production process over time.

ParticleTech high-performing innovative software:

  1. Image capture. Images are based on a patented and highly advanced 3D scanning concept.
  2. Particles from sizes 0.5-3.000 µm are analysed to capture Particle Size Distribution (PSD) and Shape/morphology.
  3. Output of analysis is represented in an easy-to-access user-friendly structure. Only customer needs for result output is presented.

All standard features for particle measurements are represented: Area, EQPC, spherecity, feretmin, feretmax, feretmean, feretratio, D10, D50, D90.

Specific features: ParticleTech has developed an innovative approach to analyse the roughness of particles useful for analysis of sand grains.

Additional features measured and calculated are international sugar standard calculation methods of ICUMSA.

Easy-to-use guide for operation:

In combination with a detailed user-guide in written. ParticleTech also introduce software and cool features in short video presentations.

Dry Samples, Titer Plates and more

Dry powder can be measured by dispersion on a standard microscope slide. Apply the slide to our slide adapter and insert the dry sample to oCelloScope:

Disperse dry powder in a wet environment or apply your wet sample to a titer plate. Standard titer plates of 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells are compatible to oCelloScope:

Other solutions with e.g. closed chambers for even concentration distribution are also available.

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