Mobile and flexible solution for process optimization

ParticleTech Solution is a flexible and non-invasive measurement tool. It can be installed and used in all parts of the production. Fast and in-depth process analysis directly at the production eliminates time-consuming and costly off-line laboratory measurements. Fast results make active process optimization possible and creates higher product yield and lower energy consumption.

ParticleTech Analyser is a measurement and analysis tool for monitoring size, size distribution and shape of particles. The equipment generates high resolution images of particles in product samples and provides images and image analysis results within a couple of minutes. Results are generated on the spot and almost real-time and can be sent automatically from the system to the process specialist who might be based far away in another country.

ParticleTech bases its optical scanning and image analysis on FluidScope technology incorporated in the oCelloScope instrument. The oCelloScope is a unique imaging system for sensitive and detailed monitoring of particles – e.g. crystals. With a user-friendly software the solution offers an easy-to-use automated microscope facilitating continuous, fast and high volume through-put.

A Flow Controller adds the opportunity to flow of product sample through a flow cell for on-going measurements.

ParticleTech Solution can measure and analyse particles from 1 µm to 3.000 µm with standard microtiter plates or flow cells.

The solution components:

oCelloScope: Advanced, automated, high-volume, high resolution image acquisition microscope.

Sample Unit: A unit with a versatile mechanical design embedding the appropriate features like sample cups, stirrer to disperse the particles, pumps and tubes for directing the product sample to the flow cell in the oCelloScope for measurement.

Flow cell: Product sample is automatically pumped into the oCelloScope. Flow cell contains enough product sample to achieve statistical representative data in one measurement.

Software: The user friendly, easy-to-use software automates the whole measurement process and results are reported immediately after. Result outputs are designed to meet the individual customer to ensure that only the specific information needed is provided. 

How can you benefit ?

  • Get statistically representative analysis results right away at the production floor
  • Avoid time-consuming and delayed lab-tests
  • Measure at different parts and production processes (fermentation, crystallization, etc)
  • Get the information fast and potentially change the process real-time or optimize your production recipe for next batch
  • Achieve higher yield plus lower production costs and lower energy consumption.
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