ParticleTech develops and supplies a measurement and analytical solution for industrial particles, based on high quality optical scanning and real-time image analysis. ParticleTech Solution offers a fast and cost-effective  alternative for process monitoring, which can be used at any stage of the production and provide an early and accurate overview of the process. It is a non-invasive technology for at-line measurements in the food, pharma and biotech industries. We provide an in depth process analysis tool, that can be installed directly on the production floor, eliminating time-consuming off-line laboratorie measurements. We believe that the best way to advance our development process is by creating long-lasting relationships with our customers.

The solutions is composed of four key components:

Sampling station: A unit with a versatile mechanical design embedding the appropriate features (e.g. pH controllers, mixer) required to maintain the sample in the same conditions as in the operation units (e.g. crystallizers, fermenters).

Flow cell with temperature control: The sample is automatically pumped from the sampling station to the flow cell for image acquisition.

oCelloScope: Automated microscope, enabling high resolution image acquisition.

Software: The user friendly software provides control of the sampeling unit and image acquisition as well as live view images during the process monitoring. The results are reported the quickly after measurement. Read more

At – line measurements: Versatility and flexibility are the keys that allow the introduction of image analysis technology on the production floor. The distinguishing feature is the highautomation of the equipment, which limits the manual handling to the sample collection stage at the operation units. The procedure from loading the sample for image acquisition up to reporting of the results is automated and takes amazingly little time.

Process monitoring: Process monitoring in a non-invasive way is now possible with ParticleTech Solution. The sampling station maintain the sample at the same conditions as in the operation unit. Continuous flow through the flow cell with an automatically-controlled pump allows for a live-view of the process and automated image acquisition at desired time intervals.

Added-value to the production floor: The solution can be used at any stage of the process, providing an early overview and the opportunity for process optimization and control. The user-friendly control environment makes the use of the solution easy, without requiring high-level of expertise. Operators always stress out the demanding and intense environment of the production floor. A simple, yet speedy and accurate analysis can free up their time from enhance the productivity. The digital data can be stored or forwarded to a specialist in a fast and easy way.

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