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Fast image analysis for at-line monitoring and process optimization

ParticleTech Analyser

oCelloScope, ParticleTech Sample Unit, ParticleTech Software and Computer.

ParticleTech Analyser Basic

oCelloScope, ParticleTech Software and Computer.


oCelloScope performs high quality image acquisition with the tilted FluidScope technology. Enables scanning through the volume of sample suspensions. The tilted technology draws advantage of delivering 3D information of the scanned volume. The plane where most particles are represented and in focus is delivered as the Best Focus Image. Moreover, 3D results are possible in a fast and easy way.

ParticleTech Software

User-friendly and flexible software for fast and accurate measurements of the high-quality images delivered by oCelloScope. High volume of sample can be measured for statistically representative results.  

ParticleTech Sample Unit

Simplifies and automates sampling by automatically diluting a sample using two pumps; pump 1 and pump 2. Because sometimes samples need dilution to ensure an optimal concentration before measurements with images and results are made.

Pump 1 pumps the total output flow and pump 2 pumps the dilution flow.

Included in ParticleTech Sample Unit:

Apply a sample from the tank to the sample cup and the dilution liquid to the dilution cup

ParticleTech Sample Unit will dilute the sample and flow this into the Flow Cell, controlled by ParticleTech Software

Two stirrers keep sample and dilution liquid well mixed for representative results and these stirrers are especially developed to handle even fragile particles. Tube clamps ensure that tubes are fixated to the cups.   Flow Cell Adapter holds the inserted single-use Flow Cell in place for oCelloScope to scan the sample:

In constant development

ParticleTech is in constant development towards continuous and automatic measurements of particles in production processes.

Currently, Flow Cell is a 3D printed prototype, which has already been tested on many applications. Flow Cell may be rinsed and reused to an arbitrary extent. A mould for Flow Cell is pending for increased production.

Likewise, ParticleTech Sample Unit has been tested with many applications and is available as a demo version.

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