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From raw juice to dry sugar

Sucrose crystallization

At-line, fast and accurate measurements in titer plates.

Juice purification

At-line, fast and accurate measuremenets in flow cell from raw juice to thin juice.

Seed / Slurry

At-line, fast and accurate measurements in flow cell or titer plate.

Dry / Final product

At-line, fast and accurate measurements in slide adaptor.

Sucrose crystallization : sampling from vaccum pan

Scientific poster

In collaboration with Nordzucker Group ParticleTech has developed the ParticleTech Sugar Analyser for monitoring and optimization of sucrose crystallization.

How does it work?

Take a sample by the pan and mix with dilution liquid immediately while still standing by the pan. This means that the dilution liquid has been brought to the pan prior to sample outtake. Dilution liquid can be saturated sugar, saturated sugar with invert sugars or glycol – all at room temperature. Saturated sugar at room temperature has proven to work fine. When mixing massecuite sample immediately with dilution liquid, crystallization is interrupted, and crystals represent pan content.

Measurements: The prepared mixture is added to a standard titer plate (e.g. 12 wells) and measurements can begin:

  1. Titer plate is placed in oCelloScope
  2. Press “start” in user-friendly software
  3.  Scanning of the sample generates Best Focus image
  4. Algorithms are applied and ICUMSA results, size distribution, shape etc. are calculated
  5. A colour scheme is used to show the crystals captured for analysis (Segmented Image)
  6. Output of the analysis is shown in a PC
  7. Time: Step 1 – 6 approx. 1-3 minutes

Results provided

  • Size distribution of crystals (to e.g. aim towards even and uniform size) from 0.5 – 1500 µm
  • Shape parameters
  • ICUMSA results (MA and CV% based on Powers, Rens, RRSB and Butler’s method)
  • High quality images


  • Can be moved between production sites
  • 1-3 minutes from scan to analysis results (60 times faster than the conventional washing, drying and sieving method!)
  • Real time measurements give possibility to react fast to current processes. This also gives a possibility of continuous monitoring for process optimization
  • Scanning of high volume for statistically representative output
  • Customized needs are given in user-friendly software providing the exact output needed (e.g. using ICUMSA standard methods)
  • Monitor both continuous and batch processes

A movable solution for the production floor

  • ParticleTech Sugar Analyser consists of:
  • oCelloScope (450 x 260 x 250 mm, 9.6 kg)
  • Laptop
  • Router
  • Ethernet cables (2x): for computer and oCelloScope
  • Power cables (3x): for router, computer and oCelloScope
  • Flight case (627 x 497 x 353 mm)
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