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Thank you ParticleTech for the Sugar Analyser, which has added much value to my work, and for the excellent service!
Melvin Carter
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Nordic Sugar

Sucrose crystallization : sampling from vaccum pan


In collaboration with Nordzucker Group, ParticleTech has developed the ParticleTech Sugar Analyser for monitoring and optimization of sucrose crystallization.

How does it work?

Take a sample by the pan and mix with dilution liquid immediately while still standing by the pan. Dilution liquid can be saturated sugar, saturated sugar with invert sugars or glycol – all at room temperature. Saturated sugar at room temperature has proven to work. When mixing massecuite sample immediately with dilution liquid, crystallization is interrupted, and crystals represent pan content.

Measurements: The prepared mixture is added to a standard titer plate (e.g. 12 wells) and measurements can begin:

  1. Titer plate is placed in oCelloScope
  2. Press “start” in user-friendly software
  3.  Scanning of the sample generates Best Focus image
  4. Algorithms are applied and ICUMSA® equivalent results, size distribution, shape etc. are calculated
  5. A colour scheme is used to show the crystals captured for analysis (Segmented Image)
  6. Output of the analysis is shown in a PC
  7. Time: Step 1 – 6 approx. 1-3 minutes

Typical use cases of ParticleTech Sugar Analyzer:

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