• Fast real time measurements of magmas and massecuites in all steps of a sucrose crystallization process. Seize the opportunity to optimize the process
  • Monitor both continuous and batch processes
  • Fast and accurate analyses of size, size distribution and shape of sucrose crystals
  • Save time on conventional sieving analysis. ParticleTech Sugar Analyser provides an accurate crystal size distribution 60 times faster!
  • Continuous monitoring with image analysis
  • Fast analysis. Reliable results are provided within 3 minutes
  • Portable and versatile solution

Continuous monitoring

The graph below shows d16, d50/MA and d84 of size of aperture as function of time of a sucrose crystallization process in accordance to the ICUMSA standard.

Case study

The optical scanning of suspensions and image analysis were tested on magmas and massecuites in all steps of sucrose crystallization in the Nordzucker group. Nordzucker experienced that ParticleTech Sugar analyser is a fast method for measuring crystal size distribution for the optimization of the mean crystal size. In comparison to conventional sieve analysis ParticleTech Sugar Analyser proved to be 60 times faster and provided reliable results:

Shortly after scanning a sugar sample ParticleTech Sugar Analyser provided results generated according to ICUMSA standard methods: Powers, Rens, RRSB, Butler.

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