Use Cases

1. Following a crystallization process and optimizing


  • Number of crystals vary among batches
  • Crystallization peak after approx. 1 hour
  • After peak, slight breakage of crystals due to shear force from stirrer


  • Reduce crystallization time by 76%
  • Avoid variation among batches by optimize parameters


  • Energy reduction
  • Time reduction
  • Avoid broken crystals

2. A flexible moveable solution

Comparison between 4 high-temperature crystallizers:

  • Flight case and table on wheels


  • 1 crystallizer less efficient
  • Less pressure caused slower crystal growth


  • Reduce crystallization time by increasing pressure


  • Energy reduction
  • Higher throughput (faster growth)
  • Higher product quality (bigger crystals)

3. Collaboration with plant manufacturers

Centrifuge company:

  • Problems with the centrifuge
  • ParticleTech was part of their centrifuge calibration at a factory

Separating particles from liquid:

  • ParticleTech solution reveals how plant parameters affect the product inside.

4. Filter efficiency

  • Measure particle size before and after filtration to verify filter efficiency

5. Effects of product transportation in pipes


  • Up to 50% decrease in product particle size due to transportation in pipes
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