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Cocoa butter crystallization

With a heat-control addition to the ParticleTech solution, it becomes possible to continuously measure and control the temperature of the sample being analyzed. It will make it possible to analyze the impact of heating and cooling profiles to temperature sensitive processes.

The temperature control is at this point an experimental set-up and control of temperature has been integrated into the ParticleTech Analyser software to it possible to heat and cool the sample of interest and at the same time log the temperature of the sample automatically.

In collaboration with Aasted ApS(, we have applied this set-up to visually illustrate how their tempering machines impact crystallization of cocoa butter and the homogeneity of the final product. In the video below, samples of untempered and tempered cocoa butter are cooled from 29°C to less than 14°C over a time horizon of 14 minutes.

It can here be seen how both the crystallization temperature and homogeneity of the crystallized cocoa butter differs significantly when compared to a sample of untempered cocoa butter.

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